1. Tamara's prostitution ring 'clients' (politicians, judges, cops (Martin, Zoller) lawyers and David Shamansky.
2. Tamara Chafin Shamansky's Mother Theresa act. 3. Sam Shamansky's clients (politicians, judges, cops and lawyers)
4. Tamara's deposition. 5. False police reports Tamara filed when my mom was dying/died of cancer. The lie and truth.
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   David and Tamara Shamansky hired "
hackers" to "hack this website" after I sent this letter to her neighbors on    
Michener Way and to businesses in the building where they work (6855 S. Havana St., Centennial, CO 80112)  
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                                  NEW! Tamara Shamansky, The Mother of All Cunts (6-19-16)
                                          My opening statement to the jury (uploaded 2-10-16)
This website is corroborated by statements Tamara Chafin Shamansky made after she was sworn under
oath to tell the truth. Further proof this website is truthful is a
lawsuit (page 2) trying to get this site taken down
was dismissed when Tamara failed to prosecute her lawsuit & failed to appear for a court ordered pre-trial conference.
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Page 2, Tamara's "mental illness," "Pseudologia Fantastica," Page 3, "More lies,"
Page 4, "The Delaware Police (OH) Dept.'s crimes," Page 5,
KARMA," Page 6, "Government Waste," "SNL videos," "Jeff Gordon/PepsiMax test drive,"
I met "
Bobby Chafin," "Tamara guilty of felony perjury," "Tamara's resume,"

This website was created in response to a fraudulent website (
David and Tamara Shamansky created for the "
sole purpose" of damaging my reputation because .   
of my knowledge of Tamara's involvement in prostitution from the age of 18 to 28. My proof is her
under oath admission. David and Tamara met through an escort service, i.e., he (David) was a
"John" she (Tamara), was his "prostitute."
Tamara was an "
on call prostitute" for politicians/judges/police officers/lawyers, etc. (2).
I also created this website because of David and Tamara's claim they are good "
religious people."
When I was the "
caregiver" to my mother dying of breast/bone/brain cancer David and Tamara falsely accused me of
/harassing them by phone for eight months with the intent of having me arrested and incarcerated for as long as
six months and not be there to care for my mother/grieve her death (including just 19 days before her death).
Proof the aforementioned is true is Tamara admitted under oath
they never determined who was calling them and
hanging up. Their original statement on 11-21-98 was their caller ID recorded Judy Young's phone number twice on
11-17-98 and
my mother's registered phone number for "several months" dating back from 6-23-99.
A "
prototypical example" of what "low-life" POS's David and Tamara are is they have the "nerve" to reference my
mother on their website by saying (sarcastically), "
I am sure your mother would be very proud of you" for creating this
website exposing who they (David and Tamara) really are.
They contacted their attorney to pursue false charges against me just 19 days before my mother's death when they
wouldn't take "no" for an answer from the Delaware Police Dept. and when their attorney was unable to bring charges
against me they went back to falsely accusing me of stalking/ harassing them by phone with the Delaware Police but
this time from my mother's phone number instead of respecting our privacy. They did that for eight months.
Ironically enough
my mother and I bailed Tamara out of jail on a DUI (I didn't have a credit card at the time and my
mother gave me hers telling me we couldn't leave her in jail) and David and Tamara are trying to have me put in jail
based upon their lies.  
On their website David and Tamara speak of "
constant invasions of privacy" by me.
They invaded my family's and my privacy for eight months with false allegations of stalking against me at the worst time
in our life, when our mother was dying/died of breast/bone/brain cancer.
I care about as much about David and Tamara Shamansky's privacy as they did my family's and my privacy when they
were falsely accusing me of stalking/harassing them by phone when our mother was dying/died.
I'm not going to address that any further than to say "
FUCK" their privacy given what they did to my family and I when
our mother was dying/died of breast/bone/brain cancer.  
Nothing I've done/will do pre-dates the false stalking/phone harassment complaint David and Tamara filed against me
when my mother was dying/died. They refuse to accept the fact had they not filed that false complaint against me this
website never would've been created and Tamara's past as a prostitute wouldn't keep "popping up."
Not only was what David and Tamara did a "major breach" of my family and my privacy it was a "serious crime
Proof of that is
a Delaware man was charged with violating the falsification section of the Ohio Revised Code for lying
about stealing drugs and he pled guilty and was facing six months jail/prison time and a $1,000 fine for doing so.
David and Tamara
violated the falsification section of the Ohio Revised Code when they lied about me stalking/
harassing them by phone with the intent of having me arrested and incarcerated.
It's a "
no-brainer" if a police officer is charging a person with violating the falsification section of the Ohio Revised
Code for lying about stealing drugs he should be charging a person with falsification for lying with the intent of trying to
have someone put in jail, right?
And yet David and Tamara were never charged with a crime. That might (did) have something to do with their relative
being a former
Delaware County Municipal Court referee/judge where David and Tamara filed the false stalking
complaint against me.
The most "
significant" (common) aspect of that Delaware man's case and mine is the police officer who charged the
Delaware man with falsification for lying about stealing drugs is the same police officer who didn't charge David and
Tamara Shamansky with falsification for lying with the intent of having me incarcerated, former Delaware (OH) Police
Dept. officer/detective/ Chief and current Delaware County Sheriff Russ Martin.
When David and Tamara Shamansky weren't charged with falsification and
menacing by stalking Russ Martin violated
Dereliction of Duty section of the Ohio Revised Code.
I also believe Tamara made "
threats" that if charges were filed against her and David Tamara would name the
politicians/judges/police officers/lawyers who saw her as a prostitute (2).
David and Tamara Shamansky continue to blame me for all of this when that responsibility begins/ends with Russ
Martin. He continued to investigate my family and I after an eight month investigation concluded I, not David and
Tamara, was the victim of stalking by David and Tamara (no less) when they were falsely accusing me of stalking/
harassing them by phone.
David and Tamara's phone records, obtained with a warrant, conclusively proved they falsely accused me and I was the
victim of stalking (by David and Tamara) not "vice-versa."
And yet the police officers, William Zoller, entry in his 6-23-99 report reads as if he witnessed my mother's name and
registered phone number on David and Tamara's caller ID for himself.
HE DID NOT!!! That report was falsified.
The Delaware Police/Zoller/Martin used Zoller's falsified 6-23-99 Delaware Police report to "illegally" obtain a warrant for
David and Tamara's phone records that ultimately proved my innocence and David and Tamara's guilt.       
Tamara also lied to the Delaware Police twice about what her relationship to me was
Originally Tamara lied and denied ever being associated with an escort service and said I was an acquaintance she met
when dating her
54 year old boyfriend (she was 27). On 1-22-99 Tamara lied when stating she wanted it made
"perfectly clear" and as "precise as possible" she never dated me, never would, never will.
After David and Tamara's phone records exonerated me and established their guilt Tamara changed her story and lied
claiming I was a "client/John" when she was a prostitute and our relationship never went beyond that (publicly).  
Proof Tamara lied is after she was sworn under oath to tell the truth on 7-12-01 she referenced our relationship as a
regular boyfriend/girlfriend and said we'd go out all the time with my family. When asked "directly" Tamara admitted
under oath
she lied when she claimed I was involved with her through an escort service/prostitution.
David was involved with Tamara through escort services/prostitution as their were times I saw him outside my residence
before/during/after my dates with Tamara. He was stalking me.      
Tamara and David's website (www.tamarashamansky.com) claims I am a "sociopath, serial stalker, long term serial
criminal, deranged and mentally unstable person" largely in part due to the Delaware (OH) Police/Martin attempting to
have me perceived as
"mentally ill" when I requested copies of the now proven false police reports David and Tamara
filed against me under the
Ohio Revised Codes open records law, i.e., "Freedom of Information Act," when my mother
was dying/died of breast/bone/brain cancer.
If you "
connects the dots," i.e., Tamara's past as a prostitute, her and David's "connection" to Delaware County and
my ability to prove serious criminal offenses had been committed against me by David and Tamara that was not an
attempt to get me help for a possible
"mental illness" rather it was an attempt by the Delaware Police/Martin to "cover
up" the crimes David and Tamara committed against me after I requested copies of the false police reports they filed.
I was cleared of any "mental health" issues. People who tell the truth aren't "mentally ill."  
However, clinicians diagnosis "pathological liars" like Tamara Shamansky as suffering from a "mental illness" called  
Pseudologia Fantastica" (Page 2 of this website).   
the Prostitute
David Shamansky