****************************Instead they said I was "mentally ill"*****************************
                                      (I just wanted to know the truth and why this happened to me).

After having served the 5 days and a few months had passed I called Martin at the number on his business card to find
out what he meant when he said, "she (Shamansky) was lying, she's not lying anymore" and request copies of the
police reports filed by Shamansky.

I could never reach him directly so I left voice mail messages for him. When Martin never returned any of my phone
calls I left him
2 final voice mails stating I felt that he was guilty of "misconduct" when he investigated Shamansky's
complaints against me and since he chose to ignore me I would be filing a civil lawsuit to find out if he did.

After listening to those voice mail messages Martin contacted the probation department causing further court
proceedings against me claiming I was still "obsessing" over Shamansky when I just wanted to know the truth.

I was ordered to appear in court for a
March 29, 2000 oral hearing regarding those voice mail messages.

Martin was unable to produce those voice mail messages during the hearing and instead "testilied" (intentionally spelled
that way) that based on their "
content (4, noun)" I should be evaluated for possible "mental health issues."    

The probation officer (Faith Cole) agreed with Martin that I should be evaluated for "mental health issues."     

With Martin's statement "she (Shamansky) was lying, she's not lying anymore" and no history whatsoever of
"mental health problems" in my family I knew right then and there Martin and Zoller were guilty of misconduct so I
stopped reporting to the probation office and refused to take the court ordered mental health evaluation as a matter of

Instead I filed a lawsuit mentioned in this Delaware Gazette article, "
Columbus Man Sues  Local police Sergeant."

That article mentions that on August 29 a warrant was issued for my arrest for failing to comply with the March 29
orders. I wasn't "actively" pursued as I could have been picked up at any time on that warrant at my residence or place
of employment as the probation department had both those addresses prior to August 29 and as far back as October
25, 1999 when I was required to provide those addresses to them after my original court date.

My deposition as well as
Shamansky's and Martin's were scheduled to be taken on July 12, 2001. I was to go first  but
with the warrant still "active" for me my attorney advised me to turn myself in to the Delaware Police instead of showing
up to give my deposition as I would be arrested before I could be deposed. That is exactly what I did.

Shamansky and Martin (I believe) were deposed. I was not and instead spent the next 2 days in jail before being bailed
out until a "probation violation hearing" scheduled for July 27, 2001.

In the time prior to the July 27, 2001 hearing the lawyer representing me mentioned nothing about the false police
reports that were filed on Shamansky's behalf and instead told me they had a "strong" counterclaim against me and
advised me to drop the case. I did still not knowing the truth.  

Looking back, I believe my attorney was given "some relief" in the
Borowski case he had filed against the Delaware
Police for convincing me to drop my lawsuit. His payday ($$$) was triple what my case would have brought him and the
charges in his case were dismissed where mine were not.

The outcome of the "probation violation hearing" was not unexpected. I was made to serve the remaining 25 days of the
original sentence (immediately) for not taking the "court ordered" mental health evaluation. I wasn't about to take a
"mental health evaluation" as it was becoming "increasingly" obvious what needed to be "evaluated" was Martin and
Zoller's "(mis)conduct while investigating Shamansky's complaint statements and not my "mental health."  

I still didn't know at this time what was reported by Shamansky that was investigated and proven false by Martin and
Zoller and then still it was "intentionally" reported falsely by them.
continued here...