***********************************Martin's 10-15-99 interview***************************************
                        (witnessed by my sister and Delaware Police detective Robert Penrod)

Martin wrote
this two-page summary about that interview. He mentions nothing about hang up phone calls in it.
At this time Martin stated that Shamansky claimed I was a client of hers through one of the escort services.

Martin made these statements "voluntarily" throughout the course of the interview, "The family (her in-laws) know she
was a prostitute and don't care" and "she said you (me) were a client when she was a prostitute and nothing more."

Martin also "voluntarily" made the statement "she (Shamansky) was lying, she's not lying anymore."     

Martin mentions the letter(s) I sent Shamansky were verified by me as the one(s) I sent so I signed and dated them.

On page 2 Martin mentions he verified my actions were in violation of the
stalking section of the Ohio Revised Code.
4 months after phone records proved Shamansky was filing a false phone harassment complaint against me for 8
months in an attempt to bring criminal charges against me and they knew it. Her "actions" were in violation of the
falsification section of the Ohio Revised Code.

At the conclusion of the interview Martin gave me a "
summons" to appear in court on October 25, 1999. Martin did not
provide me with this "
summons report" at that time.

He also gave me his business card and told me to call him if I had any questions about the case.

I did have one question for him, Why did he need "background information" on my sister? His answer,
            "He needed to know how to approach her."   
Strange response without "factoring in" he was allowing Shamansky to "
flout the laws with impunity."   
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