"More Lies"
These two (David and Tamara) lie about everything. And their lies are "easily" proven false. So easy it's hard to
imagine they could be so stupid.
David and Tamara's website originally claimed
I have eight (8) misdemeanor/felony convictions.
David and Tamara updated their website after I successfully defended myself (without a lawyer, acting Pro Se) against
the lawsuit they filed against me mentioned in the "
DISCLAIMER" on the Home page and removed two of the three
alleged (false) "drug trafficking" convictions they lied about me having.
Missing from either of those pages from David and Tamara's website is the false charge they brought against me in
Delaware County.
And to show how stupid David and Tamara are they list two false 2005 convictions in Delaware County with one being
a "
federal offense" (tampering with the US Postal system) where my "alibi witness" is the very police officer,
Russ Martin, who covered up the crimes (falsification, menacing by stalking) they (David and Tamara) committed
against me when they were falsely accusing me of stalking/harassing them by phone.
David and Tamara list two false convictions (drug trafficking, resisting arrest) claiming they arose out of a 2003 Perry
Township traffic stop where drugs were found in plain sight, I resisted arrest and pled guilty and did a year in jail/prison.
This is the courts disposition of that traffic stop. That is the only time I was ever stopped/ticketed in Perry Township.      
David and Tamara got the year wrong and I received nothing more than a speeding ticket and paid the fine ($130) by
mail as I had the option of doing so.
I never had my car "
repossessed" for reckless opp and speeding in a school zone.