Tamara Chafin Shamansky was the "number one" prostitute in Columbus, Ohio in a prostitution ring that catered
politicians, judges, cops and lawyers.

Shamansky's 'pimp' (Anthony Menucci) made a lot of money as his prostitution service catered to the wealthy,
police and other sources say.

During the search of
Menucci's condo a client list of 519 names was found. She had to have sex with Menucci as
sort of a '
test drive' before he hired her.  

Shamansky was able to bring false charges against me in Columbus because of her in-laws connections to law
enforcement and her
providing sex to them in both Delaware and Franklin Counties.

Proof of
Shamansky's involvement in Anthony Menucci's prostitution ring is the Columbus Police having him on
witness list  with Shamansky against me on the false charge Columbus Police brought against me on her behalf.  

On that witness list is another of
Menucci's former prostitutes, Michelle Piotroski. She met with Shamansky and
discussed starting their own escort service after
Menucci's was 'busted' and 'disbanded'.

Piotroski told me Shamansky wanted to advertise in the Columbus Dispatch for 'threesomes' as Shamansky told
her she could make more money that way and it didn't matter if it were
couples or two guys at the same time and her.

Tamara Shamansky introduced me to Piotroski.