************************************MUST SEE VIDEOS!!!********************************
"Jizz in my pants!", "Happy Mother's Day", (These two videos are "wet your pants" funny! Funniest ever!!! and
(Justin Timberlake)
, (Any) "Dick in a Box" (Always Tamara's favorite gift), It's not gay if it's a 3-Way
(Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga) "The Black Sabbath Show", "Wheel of Dozens,"   , "Oops, I Farted Again"
, The X-Presidents," " "Stedman Graham" "Ray of Light" (featuring Baltimore Ravens
linebacker Ray Lewis)
, "Clinton and Monica Lewinsky" , "Woomba" (feminine hygiene product), "Star Trek meets TV
funhouse", "United Way" (featuring Indianapolis QB Peyton Manning),  
Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood", "DUI Test", "Fun with real audio...George Bush",  
Fun with real audio...John McCain", "Saddam and Osama", "The Sopranos", "Buckwheat Buys the Farm",
Buckwheat Dead, America Mourns", "Velvet Jones" (Tamara's "pimp"), "700 Club", "The Mind Mixer",
"James Brown Hot Tub Party", "Star Trek...The Last Voyage", "Samurai Night Fever", "Oprah", "TV Funhouse"
(Presidential Outtakes), "Tiger Woods accident" (Tiger Woods), "Down By the River", "Torboto",
"Sexual Harassment and You" (featuring Patriots QB Tom Brady), "Word Association", "The Obama Files", "Rise",
Christmas for the Jews Song", "Disney Vault", "Clinton at McDonalds", "Ladies Bowling", "Kill the White People",
Bush vs. Saddam", "Sarah Palin", "Coneheads Family Feud", "Whizbiz.com", "Vanilla Ice", "Most Outrageous",
"MasterCard Blow Job commercial", "Turlington's Lower Back Tattoo Remover", "Michael Jackson Parody",
"Taco Town", "Hollywood Squares" (Triumph the insult dog), "Cluckin' Chicken", "Pennzoil", "The Love Toilet",
Love Connection" (Mike Tyson), "Three Champs and a Lady" (Ali, Tyson, Leonard), "Late Night with Mike Tyson",
"Ejector Bed", "Baby's Got Snacks", "Veracosa", "Rodney King and Reginald Denney", "All in the Family",
"MC Hammer, Can't Touch This", Tiger Woods aircraft carrier, Jim Rome interview of Jim (Chris) Everett ,

SATURDAY TV FUNHOUSE VIDEOS)*************************
"Safety tips",  "Queen of Terror", "It takes Two to Tango",  "A Hard One to Swallow",  "Don We Now...Or Never",
Blow Hot, Blow Cold",  "The Third Leg of Justice",  "Fan Club", "Ambiguo Boys", "Trouble Coming Twice",
"Blue State Santa", "Pokemon meets Joe Camel", "Ambiguosly Gay G.I. Joe",
*********************************EDDIE MURPHY VIDEOS********************************
"Stevie Wonder",  "Little Richard Simmons Show",  "John David Stutts" (Killed Buckwheat) "White Like Me",  
Prose and Cons",  "
**********************SEINFELD'S "KRAMER" (FRIDAYS) VIDEOS*********************
"Fridays...Battle Boy Fox Hole", "Battle Boy Fox Hole (Sketch #2), "The Pool", "Battle Boy Playing with fire" ,
"Drugs-R-Us", "Drugs-R-US #2", "Drugs-R-Us #3",
*****************************SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE VIDEOS**************************
"Cheezbuger, Cheezbuger, Cheezbuger",  "Samurai Delicatessen", "The Killer Bees", "Little Chocolate Donuts",  
Don't Look Back in Anger",  "Godfather Therapy",  "Nerd Prom", "Samurai Hitman",  "Bees Dramatic Scene",  
Samurai Hotel",  "Fred Garvin: Male Prostitute",  "Ask President Carter", "Nerds of Seduction", "Superhero Party",
"Roseanne Rosanadana on Smoking", "Jeopardy 1999",  "The Coneheads at Home", "The Festrunk Brothers",  
King Tut",  "Bassomatic",  "The French Chef",  "Weekend Update", "Weekend Update II",  "Theodoric of York",
Lucy A-Bomb",  "The Nerds-Broken Fridge",  "Pimp Chat", "Da Bears", "The Excorsist", "Scared Straight",
Googly Eyes Gardener" (Christopher Walken), "Meet the Family" (Christopher Walken), "Bush vs. Bin Laden",   
"Stacey Koon on Cops", "Stacey Koon's LAPD Officer Training", "Books for Black Children" "Black like Me",
The Dribbling Head Detective", "Booked on Phonics", "Fire Marshal Bill on a Cruise", "Star Trek", "Family Feud",
Shakespearean Anton", "Anton at the Recruiter", "The Buttman's", "The Dirty Dozens II", "Amy Fisher III",
Al Sharpton and Lou Farrakhan", "Silence of the Lambs II", "Cosby Condoms", "Homey's Son", "Arizona Cowboys",
"Homeboyz Shopping Network", "Anton on Po' Peoples Court", "Anton's Thanksgiving", "Arsenio and Marion Barry",  
Homey the teacher", "United Negro Scholarship Fund", "Head Detective: Many Meses", "Anton and the Reporter",  
Handiman joins the Justice Legion", "Men on Film", "Wanda's Blind Date", "Driving Miss Shott", "$100,000 Pyramid",
"Homeboyz Seminar", "Handiman vs. Isadora", "East Hollywood Squares", "Ugly Woman Dating Game",  
Prison Cable Network", "The Adventures of Handiman", "Butt Out Jeans", "Hey Mon Airlines", "Kung Fu Master",
"Anton Jackson Gets Rich",  "Hollywood Homeboy Shopping Network",  "Presidents' Council of Literacy",  
Head Detective Gets Framed", "Frenchie at an AA Meeting", "Homey's Revenge", "Men on Football",
(Sen.) Kennedy Cart Blanche", "Fire Marshal Bill in the Classroom".  "The Wrath of Farrakhan",  
The Dirty Dozen's Home Edition", "Fire Marshal Bill (Superbowl Special)", "The First Black Man on the Moon",  ,  
Anton and the Green Card",  
*********************************COMMERCIAL PARODIES******************************
"Litter Critters",  "Bug Off",  "Colon Blow",  "Mom Jeans", "Me Harmony", "Excedrin for Racial Tension Headaches",  
HiBernol", "Subshack", "Big Brawn", "Uncle Jemima's Pure Mash Liquor",  "Cracklin' Oat Flakes", "Nagging Wife",  
First City Wide Change Bank", "Dissing Your Dog", "Old Glory Insurance", "Swiffer Sleepers", "Pennzoil Thieves",
"Shelby GT, Mustang", "Oops! I Crapped My Pants", "Jewess Jeans", "Showdown",  "Pennzoil Break-In", "It's a
Trap", "Life Comes at You Fast", "Hot Girl",