Tamara's "complete" deposition (7-12-01)
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Tamara's deposition cover sheet - Anderson Reporting Service requesting Tamara Chafin Shamansky's signature.

Tamara's deposition page 1 - Deposition of Tamara Chafin Shamansky.

2 - Attorneys for Plaintiff (Banks), and Defendant (Neal).   

3 - Stipulations.   
5 - Tamara's maiden name (Chafin), lines 1-2.   
7 - Tamara's attorney (Neal) objects (1st time) on the basis of the 5th Amendment, Self-Incrimination after she's    
asked to explain how we met (lines 7-12). She answered at a "
social setting" (Sharon Woods picnic, line 16).        

8 - Tamara admits she met me through an ad (lines 1-2). Banks asked "what type of ad" and Neal objects for the 2nd
on the basis of the 5th Amendment, Self-Incrimination (lines 3-10). Tamara eventually admits she did work for
escort service after the question is read back (lines 20-22).[1]

Banks asked Tamara if she developed any "other type" of relationship with Bill Young (me, lines 23-24).         

9  - Tamara answered "yes" and described our relationship as a "regular boyfriend/girlfriend" and admits it
happened "
immediately" (lines 1-10).[2] Banks then asks about the "relationship" (escort service/John) prior to
bf/gf (lines 12-24, continued on page 10).           

10  - (lines 1-18). Neal objects for the 3rd time on the basis of the 5th Amendment, Self-Incrimination
(lines 19-21). Banks then asks her to be instructed to answer the (lines 22-24, continued on page 11).       

11  - question, please? (line 1). Neal objects for the 4th time on the basis of the 5th Amendment,
Self-Incrimination (lines 4-5). Tamara admits to dating me again (lines 7-10).[2]

Tamara admits we dated a year (11/2 actually) (lines 16-19). I met her 9-18-93 and she had dinner with my father and
myself the following saturday night.

When the Delaware Police brought criminal charges against me Tamara changed her "story" from never dating me,
never would, never will to I was a client (
John) when she was a prostitute.[2] Tamara admits I wasn't a client of the
escort service (lines 22-24) and instead now states (continued on page 12).            

12 - (quoting), "Oh yeah. We'd (she and I) go out all the time" (line 9). Tamara admits having dinner with my family
(lines 16-18).

13 - Tamara admits I bailed her out of jail on a DUI charge (lines 3-5). I did this as I didn't want her in jail for an
"extended" period of time.

I was helping
Tamara out "financially" during the time we dated [2] but she doesn't recall this but says "it's possible"
(lines 10-24, continued on page 14).

14 - (lines 1-19). Martin told me (witnessed by my sister 10-15-99) Tamara claimed any money I felt owed me was  
payment to her for services I received from her as a
prostitute (proven false by her own admission in page 11).[2]

Tamara admits I helped her out (financially) when she was living at home and it was a "big help" (lines 20-24).

15 - Tamara claims she qualified for a grant at a community college (page 14) line 24, line 1). I called the college she
told me she was going to and they never heard of her.
Tamara's sister (Tonya) went to college and often Tamara would
assume her identity" if she were questioned by the police.

Tamara was a "career prostitute" out of high school (Westerville South, 1985) until shortly before her marriage in
1995. She got started with the help of  Columbus attorney Michael McGinley as a go-go dancer/stripper.  

Tamara had a criminal record for prostitution and has had it "expunged" and destroyed by her in-laws.

16 -           

17 - Tamara admits I helped her out "financially" when we dated [2] and paid for car repairs (page 16) line 24,
lines 1-19). I never received the "
bail" money back (lines 22-24). Tamara missed court dates and got another DUI.

18 - Tamara is "evasive" when asked about showing up for court dates (lines 2-9).

Tamara claims she didn't recall me asking her for a portion (1/4, about $2500, lines 12-17) of what I loaned her.       

19 - Tamara claims I talked about marriage and moving in together (lines 7-12).[2] These subjects were brought up by
Tamara after I learned she was prostituting the whole time we dated and having sex with 50 + year old men like
McGinley (54).[1] At this time Tamara told me she worked for Menucci. Her clients included politicians, judges, cops and
lawyers from both Franklin and Delaware County. I ended the relationship for these reasons.            

20 - Tamara claims I would try to see her after this by sitting in her parking lot, leaving notes on her windshield and
calling her mother's phone number and because of this she had to have her mother's number changed.

Tamara had her mother's number changed twice (from 614-459-5166 to 614-459-7126 and from
614-459-7126 to 614-799-0932) when I was dating her because of "John's" who became obsessed with her.
Each time she gave me the new number (614-799-0932 being the last). This was still her mother's number in 02'.

Tamara claims I would be at her doorstep as she was coming or going from her residence (lines 1-7, 15-19).
Tamara claims this went on for "several months" (lines 9-12).[2]

21 - After this (page 20) Tamara claims I finally left her alone until I started sending her letters and roses to her mother's
house (lines 11-19).

22 - Tamara claims I "threatened" her physically in the relationship (lines 18-20).[2]

23 - Tamara claims to have called the Dublin Police on me to report I was harassing her, sitting out in her parking lot
and would not leave her doorstep (lines 14-24 and (page 24) line 1).
[2], [5]

24 - After this (page 23) Tamara claims I wanted to continue dating but she no longer did lines 6-7).[2] I ended the
relationship out of "
fear" of catching an "STD" (sexually transmitted disease) from her that could kill me.

25 - Tamara claims I "threatened" her and why she had to call the Dublin Police. Banks asked Tamara if she filed
reports with the
Dublin Police and she couldn't remember (lines 5-20).[5]

26 - Tamara claimed I threatened to go through the phone book and tell her family she worked for escort services if
she stopped seeing me (page 25, line 24, lines 1-3).

Tamara claimed I sent flowers to her mother's address in 96' and 97' (lines 13-23).[2]

27 - Tamara claims she called the Delaware Police after I sent flowers to her mother's house (page 26), line 24,
lines 1-7).

I sent Tamara flowers and a letter to her residence (lines 12-13) to avoid any "trouble" from her because of how I
ended things, what I knew about her past and the "
severity" of my mother's cancer as her treatments were being done
at the
Grady Memorial Hospital in Delaware.

On one such occasion my mother got sick as the result of one of her
chemotherapy treatments and needed a drink. I
went into the
Kroger in Delaware just north of Rte. 315 and almost ran into Tamara. I left the store "immediately" to
avoid a "
confrontation." Tamara claimed the letter I sent with the flowers said something about "beautiful roses"
(lines 21-24, (page 28) line 1). I don't recall this.

28 - Tamara claims I sent her flowers in 96' (lines 21-23).[2]

29 - Tamara again claims I would not leave her alone (lines 5-11).[2]

30 - Tamara admits receiving only one letter (lines 17-19). I found out she called the Delaware Police and sent her
another letter (line 24) telling her she didn't need to involve the
Delaware Police because of my mother's terminal
(breast cancer) and she had a lot to lose if her past as a prostitute was exposed.  

31 - I was contacted by the Delaware Police (line 5-8) in October 98' and agreed to have no further contact with
Tamara. I told of my mother's illness and my responsibility caring for her 24/7. She was close to dying (2-9-99) and
needed "
constant care" and because of this I had "no problem" not contacting her again.

Tamara claims I started sending her "hate mail" (lines 9-10) shortly after I spoke with the Delaware Police
(Oct. 98'). After those 2 Oct. 98' letters I never sent her another letter until Sept. 99'.

This is proven true by the
Delaware Police reports of 11-21-98, 12-17-98, 1-22-99 and 6-23-99.[2] Their own police
reports show it was
Tamara who "kept this alive" for 8 months after I agreed not to contact her again.

I was never questioned about hang up calls during the
Delaware Police 10-15-99  interview of me. They obtained a
warrant for
Tamara's phone records that proved her caller ID never recorded my mother's name and number [4].

Equipped with this knowledge" Tamara lied to them, the Delaware Police still falsified the summons report to say
that it was me who continued contact with
Tamara (not her) after the Delaware Police told me not to.   

Tamara admits in her deposition never determining who it was calling her and hanging up (see page 35).[3,4]

Tamara claims she referred to me as an "ex-boyfriend" (lines 21, 22) when she called the Delaware Police in
Oct. 98'. She did everything she could to convince the
Delaware Police she never dated me.[2]

32 - I wrote Tamara in one of the Sept. 99' letters I remember meeting her and she was wearing a dress and how when I
learned she was a
prostitute it made me sad. I never wrote what she claimed I did (lines 13-14).


34 - Tamara claims I sent her letters for 9 to 12 months after speaking with Zoller. I was never contacted by the
Delaware Police after Oct. 98' until they contacted me again in Oct. 99'.

I was contacted by the
Delaware Police after sending Tamara one (1) letter in Oct. 98'. JUST ONE LETTER.

As evident by their own reports the
Delaware Police weren't investigating letters being sent for 9 to 12 months they
were investigating
Tamara's false phone harassment complaint ([3], page 36).     

35 - Tamara claims I drove my brother's truck and parked across the street from her house in 99' (lines 22-23).[2]
This was not possible as my brother sold this truck shortly after I stopped seeing Tamara in 95'.

36 - Tamara admits she lied and never determined who it was calling her and hanging up (lines 11-15) after she
specifically said "
she knew it was me" as her caller ID recorded my mother's name and number according to the
Delaware Police 6-23-99 police report.[2,4]

The Delaware Police knew Tamara had been lying to them all along.[1], [2], [3]  

37 - I never wrote this (lines 1-2). I wrote her because of my mother's "lengthy chemotherapy treatments" in
Delaware and instead of drive home (45 minutes) and come back I would "hang out" in Delaware to pass the time.
I knew she would "
freak out" if she saw me because I knew of her past as a prostitute.  

Tamara admits knowing my mother was dying and eventually did die of breast cancer (line 9) at the time she and the
Delaware Police were falsifying police reports against me. The Delaware Police also knew of my mother's illness.

***NOTE***   This is an "extremely evil and nefarious" thing for Tamara and "more frightening" the Delaware
to do to someone who is caring for a parent dying of a "terminal illness" (cancer) and for no other reason than
to protect a prostitutes (
Tamara) past from being exposed I could have been locked up with no one to care for my dying
mother nor the funds to pay someone to do so.


38 - I sent Tamara's husband a "non-threatening" letter (lines 1-5) asking him to get her to stop calling the
Delaware Police about me after I learned (9-99) she was still calling the police about me after agreeing not to contact
her and I had not as I was still "
grieving" the loss of my mother. I only did this as I was getting nowhere with Tamara
and the
Delaware Police weren't stopping her.

39 - Tamara claims to not remember what she told the Delaware Police what our relationship was (lines 18-22).[2]
Tamara claims she told the Delaware Police I was an "ex-boyfriend" (page 31). This is "completely false![2]

Tamara claims she told the Delaware Police exactly what her relationship was to me (lines 5-7).[2]
She lied and told them I was a client (John) of hers when she was prostituting through escort services.

Tamara admitted she lied when she told Martin she never dated me, never would, never will (lines 8-10).[2]

Tamara admits having dinner with my relatives and father (lines 11-15).[2]        


41 - Tamara claims I went through the phone book and called relatives of hers to tell them she used to be a prostitute
working for
escort services (page 40) line 24, lines 1-21).[2]

42 - Tamara claims I followed her to St. Ann's hospital when her sister had a baby (8-24-94) and left a note on her
windshield telling her she better call me. This being one of the things she claims I did in
stalking, harassing,
intimidating and threatening her (page 39), lines 23-24, (page 40) lines 1-3).[2]    

Tamara sent my father a card with a "very sweet message" thanking him for helping her with an insurance claim as he
was a retired insurance adjuster. She signed this card "
Love Tamara."[2]

Tamara sent this card to my father's Wooster, Ohio residence in this envelope. It is date stamped twice,  NOV 7 1994
NOV 9 1994 by the United States Post Office.  

Tamara were telling the truth this would have her sending a 'thank you' card to my father signed "Love Tamara" at
the time she claims to have broken up with me and I would not leave her alone and she had to call the
Dublin Police on
me because I was threatening her.

Tamara and I had dinner that night after she left the hospital after her nieces birth.        

43, 44, 45.

46 - Tamara claims to have had to see a doctor about this but refused to give his name (lines 8-21).

47, 48, 49, 50.

51- Tamara was sworn under oath to tell the truth (lines 3-7).

Even when she is sworn under oath to tell the truth
Tamara Chafin Shamansky is a "habitual, pathological liar."

Read Tamara's
Mother Theresa act (here) in this article posted on the Christian Broadcast Network's website
CBN.com, parent company of the 700 club) titled "when bad things happen to good people" where Tamara claims
to be this "
god fearing christian" person.                   

1. The Delaware Police's report of 10-19-98 mentions Tamara denied ever being associated with an escort service.  
Tamara (27 years old) admitted dating (cheating on me) Columbus Attorney Michael Mcginley (54 years old) at the time she knew me.

2. The Delaware Police's report of 11-21-98 mentions Tamara had a problem with the statement she and I dated.
Delaware Police changed that segment of the report to read at no time had we dated per her request.
Delaware Police's report  of 12-17-98 states Tamara called to request corrections be made to what she felt was "inaccurate" in the
original report (we dated). The changes Tamara requested (we never dated) were made on 11-24-98.
Delaware Police's report of 1-22-99 states Tamara called again to say she still had a problem with the original report and this time
wanted it made "
perfectly clear" she did not date, never had dated and never will date William Young (me). Tamara stated she needed
this as "
precise" as possible as she contacted her own attorney to pursue charges on her own.

3.  The Delaware Police's reports of 11-21-98 and 6-23-99  "clearly state" Tamara reported she knew exactly who it was calling her and
hanging up as her caller ID had recorded the 2 numbers (Judy Young and my mother's). I contacted Judy Young to see if she had been  
contacted by the Delaware Police. She had not. She wasn't even contacted to inquire if she and I were even related sharing the same last
name. This leads me to believe, given
Tamara's "propensity" for lying, she "randomly" picked her name and number out of the phone book
because we did have the same last name in an attempt to say we were somehow related and I was using her phone to do what she was
"falsely" reporting.

4.  It should be noted that of the 3 calls Zoller lists in his reports that were recorded by caller ID's it's my mother's name and number that is
missing from those reports and was the "
basis" for their "taxpayer funded" investigation on behalf of Tamara. It should also be noted, as
evident by Martin's own
10-15-99 interview  summary report, the subject of the 6-23-99 "hang up phone calls" she claimed were recorded
by her caller ID never once came up throughout the course of the interview. It should also be noted that shortly after our mother's 2-9-99
death from breast cancer I had the phone number changed to an "unlisted, private number" and how any calls made from my mother's
residence would appear on a caller ID shortly after 2-9-99. It was not possible for any information to appear on any caller ID detailing a call
from the new, changed number and why I was never questioned about this. I, personally, did this so I would be assured of never being
contacted again by the Delaware Police.            

5.  Tamara didn't know my sister's ex-husband, Evan Pridham, was a member of the Dublin Police (1987 - present day) and can "vouch"
for me this was never reported to them. If it had been reported I would have been contacted by
Pridham at the very least. This was not
reported to the
Delaware Police as evident by reference [2]. If it actually did happen does it make any "sense" at all why it wasn't reported to
Delaware Police? It leads to one (and only one) "obvious conclusion" with the documentation included, SHE LIED!  (under oath)