*******************************Martin and Zoller's investigation********************************
An investigation was started based on Shamansky's police report statements. Zoller contacted me shortly after
10-19-98 concerning a letter I sent her. I agreed to have no further contact with her. I explained I only contacted her
because I was going to be in Delaware regularly for chemotherapy treatments for my mother at Grady Memorial Hospital
and I didn't want any "trouble" from her if she saw me with what I knew of her past with escort services and an "ugly
breakup" (by me) because of that past.

One month later (
11-21-98) Shamansky called Zoller citing what she felt was an "error" (we dated) in his original report
and wanted it changed. She also reported her caller ID recorded hang up calls from a Judy Young.
Zoller went to her residence to inspect her caller ID. Their was no record of phone calls coming from Judy Young.

One month later (
12-17-98) Shamansky called Zoller to see if the "error" she cited in his original report had been
changed. He mentioned it had been.

One month later (
1-22-99) Shamansky called Zoller again still concerned the "error" she cited in the original report had
not been changed. She wanted it made "perfectly clear" she never dated me.

Five months later (
6-23-99) Shamansky called Zoller to report her caller ID recorded phone calls she had been
receiving from me for the past "
several (2b) months" (since March 99'). Zoller went to her residence to inspect her caller
ID. Their was no record of phone calls coming from a number registered to my mother.

Zoller lied in order to obtain the warrant for Shamansky's phone records mentioned in his 6-23-99 report. His "logic" for
lying was her caller ID "
malfunctioned" and why their was no record of calls from me. Zoller was sure her phone records
would show I had been calling her since she reported so "specifically" she knew it was me.

While waiting to receive her phone records Zoller attempted to call me at my mother's number listed in the 1999
Columbus white pages only to find out the number had been "disconnected" permanently.

Zoller received Shamansky's phone records and their was no record of me calling her from a number registered in my
mother's name. Their was also no record of calls to her from Judy Young. Their was no record of any calls from any
number related to me made to her.

Zoller then contacted the phone company and was told the number registered in my mother's name had been cancelled
permanently in February 1999. This was done shortly after
my mother's death on February 9, 1999
as my sister was named "executor" of her estate and responsible for all household bills until her home sold.

After learning of this Zoller never contacted me to see if I wanted criminal charges filed against Shamansky under
Ohio's Revised Code  for "
Falsification, 2921.13" after he received her phone records and knew she lied in his
11-21-98 report and lied for "several months" dating back from 6-23-99 mentioned in that report.

Instead he turned the case file over to Martin who called my sister's ex-husband, a detective with the Dublin Police,  
seeking information about her. Martin didn't stop there. He also contacted an ex-boyfriend of hers with the Westerville
Police she had not been in contact with for 17 years.

My sister's ex-husband called her in September of 99' to tell her Martin was asking questions about her but didn't say
why. My sister confronted me and asked why it was happening. I didn't know. I had not broken my agreement
with Zoller from October of 98'.

After learning of this I did send Shamansky a letter(s) in September 99' for the first time since October 98' per my
agreement with Zoller telling her whatever was going on I wanted it to stop or I would tell of her past involvement with
escort services and prostitution.

Having "no documented proof" of her involvement in prostitution at that time and no "clue" what she was reporting was
false Martin felt by me sending her the letter(s) he could prove I should be charged under Ohio's Revised Code section
for "
menacing by stalking, 2903.211" but he wanted to speak with me first.

Martin, unable to contact me directly, contacted my sister at her place of employment and threatened to arrest me if I
would not speak with him. I agreed to speak with him on 10-15-99 if my sister was allowed to be there. He agreed.
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